quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

Tia Re is visiting!

Tia Re e Lele
Check out how proud he is now that he can climb up the ladder by himself!

Leon plays in the garden.

Dilma our "super nanny" is next to him as usual.

I am so proud of him, too!


quinta-feira, 6 de agosto de 2009


Grandma Sandra and Leon - Dinner time
Praia da Baleia
Aunt Amanda

After Leon´s birthday we traveled to Brasil and spent 2 beautiful months hanging out with family, friends and kids of the friends and we had a blast!
Every day Leon had someone to play with. He had all the attention in the world and everyone wanted to come and visit our little hero.
We met his nanny Dilma there and she decided to come to Hamburg with us. She´s is an adorable person and above all she is responsible and helps me tons!
I feel a new person since I came back from Brasil. I had many treatments, massage and even reduced some weight.
I brought many good memories and the will to go back next year and do it all over again.

2 years old


I know I´ve been a lazy blogger and I should post often.

We´ve been having a lot to do and now, yep, only now I found some time to post all of Leon´s wonders.

Leon turned 2 in 16th of February and he had the Elmo party.

He loved all about it, mostly because there were Elmos, Zoes, Berts, Ernies and Cookie Monsters all over. I baked an Elmo cake and Elmo cookies. It was fun except for the kids that couldn´t show up because of the flu.

He is now Elmo´s number 1 fan and recognize all the books in German and all the characters even though he can´t pronounce their names.

It is Sesame Street quiz show every evening!

quarta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2008

segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2008







He is over 6500gr (14.3 lbs) and 65 cm ( 25.6 inches)

Leon is still attending physiotherapy and is the therapist is happy with his progresses...he is doing well she says.
Next thursday he is getting his 3rd shot of Synagis. Soon, cold and RSV season is over! Can´t wait to go out a little, hibernating is so boring.
The early intervention program hasn´t yet started. We applied last September and we haven´t heard from the Sozialamt. The oftalmologist and his pediatrician say it it really important for him to have the OT from this service, both for his eye condition and his development as a whole. The OT´s from the EI have experience and knowledge with preemies and micro preemies.

sexta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2008

October - November - December


Santa Claus Leon is here!!

Santa Claus Leon is sleepy!


12th November - Leon and Grandma I getting along very well!

20th November Scottish golf player!
Glasses on!!!

20th November

24 th November
Cutie pie!
18 th October
His nystagmus is sooo much better now, I just can´t believe I can actually take beautiful pics now!

He shows me the reason for all things in life!

He looks really sweet!! Niedlich so zu sagen!

These three months were great! It seems like Leon has awaken to the world, altough he likes to hide on his own little fantasy world, which I think is perfectly normal. Teething is driving him really angry.
His nystagmus got a little better and he is smilling a lot but laughing shyly.
We are still on the ups and downs with his feedings. He had a bad episode of milk intolerance, than an eczema and a really nasty neurodermitis.
He is passing objects from one hand to the other, makes noises but is still behind his adjusted developmental age. He hates tummy time and is not rolling over yet, but he is over 5 kilos ( 11 lbs) and growing! That´s a milestone, if you take into account he was born weighing only 583 grams ( 1.28 lbs). Oh, and by the way, passing objects from one hand to the other is a huge milestone achieved normally when they are little over 6 months old! Way to go boy!
Looks like he is teething.
Grandma ( mommy´s mom) came all the way from Brazil to visit the little miracle, they tune so well that I really wish she lived just next door.
He learned a LOT with her.
I´ve been bringing him up so much as a preemie and I think my mom brought him the stimulation he needed.
He´s got his glasses - 14 diop. of myopia! Pretty high, but we reallly don´t bother much. The doc said he has to WEAR the glasses in order to achieve the milestones and to see how it progresses, in his case, wishfully, if it regresses. What get´s on our nerves is the nystagmus and having no clue about what´s his vision really is going to be regarding this movements.
Leon started on solids and loves carrots!
He is definetely teething and drooooling badly!
Leon is 6 kilos (13.22 lbs) and 64 cm long( 25.19 inches). Grandma Sandra and grandpa Gil came over from Brazil and stayed until the 2nd of January. We had a great time together. Me and Fernando decided to go out alone, we went dancing...soooo cool!
New year´s eve we invited friends over and had an outstanding evening.
Leon is eating vegetables and meat for lunch and milk+cereal+fruit in the late afternoon. He seems to like everything. He got a high chair from greatgrandma Ida. He looks lovely on his chair! I will soon post some of his pics seating in the high chair!

Leon is growing

25th July

18 th August

11th August

16 th September

July- August - September
These three months were quite hard. First Leon wasnt gaining weight as expected and that was solved. Then I was so scared of having him crying desperately that I was going to the Hospital every week to check if all was well with him.
During this period he had nappy rash, a mild cold, milk intolerance, constipation and his eyes seem to shake all the time. The doc said this is called nystagmus and it may be a result of the IVH or of the laser for the ROP.
He only started to interact and smile to me when auntie Renata was here, on mid september.